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The Bookmobile is the traveling branch of the Bartram Trail Regional Library. It serves Wilkes, Taliaferro and McDuffie Counties. The "rolling library" contains books for people of all ages.

Bookmobile stops are made in rural and residential communities; and at Pre-Ks, day care centers, nursing homes and other institutions. The Bookmobile is on a monthly schedule.

The Bookmobile staff will help you locate any book you would like to read. If the book is not on the Bookmobile, the staff will try to bring it to you on the next visit. New Bookmobile stops can be requested by calling Beth or Mary Jane at 706-678-7736.


Bookmobile Monthly Schedule:

  •     Taliaferro County: The first Tuesday of each month.
  •     Wilkes County: First  and third Wednesday of each month.
  •     McDuffie County: The third Thursday of each month.


Important Things to Remember

  1.     Anyone who checks out books from the Bookmobile must have a Pines card on file with the Bookmobile. This card may be used on the Bookmobile only. Not in the other Libraries.
  2.     Children under 18 must have their parent's or guardian's signature on their application.
  3.     You must live in the area of the Bookmobile stop to check out books.
  4.     Keep your book in a safe place.
  5.     Be sure to return your books on time. Returning books on time will allow you to check out others.
  6.     There is no fine on overdue books checked out from the Bookmobile. However, if a book is lost or damaged, you will be responsible for paying full cost of a replacement.
  7.     When visiting the Bookmobile return the books you have read before choosing new books.
  8.     After you select new books, take them to the desk and check out before you leave the Bookmobile.
  9.     If you cannot come out to the Bookmobile, the staff will check out books and bring in to you.
  10.     For persons who can no longer use books, the Bookmobile has forms to fill out from GLS (Georgia Library Service for the blind and print disabled). We will help you fill out and mail these forms.